Learn About the Benefits and Features of the Sony HDR-XR150 Video Camera


With the Sony HDR-XR150, you can catch fantastic top quality recordings (1920 x 1080), notwithstanding still pictures of 3 megapixels. Furthermore, this superior quality camcorder includes an inner hard drive of 120GB, as well as Exmor R CMOS Sensor that is utilized for low light execution. Utilize the Dynamic Mode notwithstanding the SteadyShot Picture Adjustment, and you will actually want to record charming smooth video even as you are moving.

A portion of the essential elements of the Sony HDR-XR150 are comprehensive of:

HD Video Recording (1920 x 1080) – With the HD video recording, you will actually want to catch all your #1 minutes in life utilizing the how to use phone as monitor Full HD Quality. This advanced camcorder is viable with HDTV4, and it is additionally ready to playback with HDMI (1080/60p). In that capacity, you will actually want to appreciate crisper pictures while you are watching your playbacks.

Still Picture Catch (3 Megapixels) – You will actually want to take shocking high goal computerized pictures utilizing the Still Picture Catch (3 Megapixels).

Inside Hard Drive of 120GB – The 120GB interior hard drive of the Sony HDR-XR150 permits you to store and record around 30 hours of video when done in SD HQ mode (standard definition), and roughly 50 hours of video when done in HD LP mode (top quality). Moreover, the element known as HDD Brilliant Security assists with protecting your recorded pictures and recordings, on the off chance that the camcorder is some way or another dropped.

Back Enlightened Exmor-R-CMOS Sensor – With the decrease in grain and the superior clearness of the picture, you will actually want to encounter amazing awareness in low light with the Back Enlightened Exmor-R-CMOS Sensor. This specific sensor was planned particularly for reduced camcorders and cameras, and it assists with conveying definite, striking and brilliant still pictures and video accounts.

Similarity with HDTV4 and Playback with HDMI (1080/60p) – The Sony HDR-XR150 is viable with HDTV4 and furthermore includes a playback utilizing HDMI (1080/60p), which assists with giving definite and clear playback of all your video accounts.

Fast AF (2x Quicker) – One of the high level elements of the Sony HDR-XR150 is the better AF (self-adjust) framework known as Fast AF, which has a centering speed that is roughly twice quicker than past models of the Sony camcorder.

Top notch Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Focal point – These focal point have been intended for conservative camcorders, and has highlights that assistance to control the difference and sharpness of greater focal points; notwithstanding SteadyShot Picture Adjustment, which assists with decreasing how much haze displayed in pictures and recordings.

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